The Australian Women’s Health Diary

The Australian Women’s Health Diary is a fabulous diary for every woman wanting to make a difference – not only to her own life, but the lives of others too.

When you buy the diary, not only will you be helping the 57 people diagnosed with breast cancer every day, you’ll also have the perfect organiser for the year ahead, with all the latest expert health and wellbeing advice at your fingertips.

Since the first edition in 1999, the Australian Women’s Health Diary has raised $18.77 million to support breast cancer trials research, which is today saving lives.

Get the diary for yourself or as a gift for someone special, and help to save lives today.

You can secure your copy of the 2024 Australian Women’s Health Diary by clicking the button below or from Newsagents, participating Post Offices or Woolworths.

2024 australian women's health diary

About The Australian Women’s Health Diary

The Australian Women’s Health Diary does more than help organise our lives everyday – it’s packed with expert health advice important to every woman, like breast, heart, family, financial and mental health, along with diet, exercise, skincare and lots more.

The diary’s unique features include:

  • A5 in size with a hard cover
  • Book bind and ribbon bookmark
  • Calendar week view to an opening
  • Different health topic each month
  • Health test and examination checklist
  • Budget planner

You can pre-register to secure your 2025 Australian Women’s Health Diary via the button below.

What’s Included in The Australian Women’s Health Diary

Each edition of the diary features 12 chapters that cover the latest health information for women of all ages.

Different topics in the 2024 edition include:

  • Being Active – budget friendly ways to exercise, forest bathing
  • Nutrition – nutritional myths debunked, practising portion control
  • Women’s Health – contraception after 40, spotlight on ovarian cancer
  • Heart Health – angina explained, the signs of heart attack and stroke
  • Financial Wellbeing – ways to avoid scams, dealing with debt
  • Ageing – heathy eating after 50, UTIs in the elderly
  • Family – first aid at home, embracing neurodiversity
  • Wellbeing – mental health audit, strategies to manage anxiety
  • Breast Health – helping a loved one with breast cancer, hereditary breast cancer
  • Healthy Skin – triggers of eczema, common forms of skin cancer
  • Lifestyle – working from home tips, ways to enjoy a healthy festive season



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