Give through your workplace

For employees

Workplace Giving is where employees give small, regular donations to a charity from their pre-tax pay via their employer’s payroll system. It is an effective and easy way for employees to show their ongoing support for Breast Cancer Trials.

Why use it?

Workplace giving for employees is a simple, hassle-free process. Donations are deducted direct from your gross salary, by arrangement with your employer’s payroll department. You just need to decide how much you would like to give, and this amount will be deducted each pay period.

Everybody benefits

You will receive an immediate tax deduction for your donation each pay period because your donation is made pre-tax, therefore reducing your taxable income. This alleviates the need for you to keep receipts and wait until you are submitting your annual tax return to claim your tax deduction. You make your donation and receive your tax deduction all at the same time.

For employers

As an employer you can set up a workplace giving program and ask your employees if they want to participate. Both you and the employee must agree to participate.

Why provide it?
  • Workplace culture
  • Recruitment
  • Commitment to social issues
  • Employee engagement
  • Increase productivity and motivation
  • Improve staff retention
Why Join?

Workplace giving is an optional, simple and effective way for employees to regularly donate to charities or organisations that are entitled to receive tax deductible donations.

Matching Gifts

It is not uncommon for some employers to choose to match employee donations as a special way to support their employee’s commitments to charities and causes. This can be a key motivator for staff to sign up, knowing their donation is being maximised through the support of their employer.

Getting Started

Employers who do not have a Workplace Giving program in place may like to consider using an organisation such as Good2Give.

This is a not-for-profit organisation that can provide the knowledge, infrastructure, back-office administration and ongoing management of employee Workplace Giving programs for employers. Good2Give can facilitate Workplace Giving to a number of charities allowing employees to choose which charity they wish to support.

Employers wishing to establish a Workplace Giving Program can obtain more information from the Australian Taxation Office.

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Marginal tax rate of 30% applied for employee earning between $37,0001 and $80,000 per annum.


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