Fundraise for Breast Cancer Trials Research

Would you like to combine your love of golf with a commitment to breast cancer trials research? It’s easy!

Simply get the team together and Tee Off for Breast Cancer Trials and help save lives from breast cancer.

Since Tee Off began in 1996, golf clubs and their members throughout Australia have raised over $3.3 million for Breast Cancer Trials.

How to get involved

Simply nominate one or more days in your club calendar and make this your special day on the greens to “Tee Off”! The format of the day is up to you. Most clubs invite members to play a round of golf and charge an entry fee. In addition, many clubs also:

  • Hold a luncheon or morning/afternoon tea.
  • Conduct raffles and ask local businesses to donate prizes.
  • Sell our merchandise.
  • Theme the event and have best dressed competitions.
  • Involve their club professionals to take a shot on a particular hole for your players for a donation.
  • Hold special putting competitions.
  • Seek local sponsorship from your community.

How we can help

We can support you by providing promotional posters, decorations, merchandise to sell and information to distribute about the research your Tee Off event is supporting. We can also provide a media release for you to use when contacting your local newspaper to generate media coverage for your Tee Off event and promote how your club is supporting all women through breast cancer trials research.

Please join golfers throughout Australia and register your event now.

East Leisure and Golf’s 25th Tee Off event

Easts Leisure and Golf Club is one of the longest supporting golf clubs in Australia of Breast Cancer Trials. 2025 marked their 25th Tee Off event, and during that time they have raised over $70,000 for breast cancer clinical trials. Check out the video below to see why this cause is so close to the hearts of its players, and what makes the day such a success.


Look the part at your Tee Off event by wearing our official merchandise!


To learn more about hosting a Tee Off event please contact us.


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