The ClinTrial Refer App in an easy way to find a breast cancer clinical trial that may be right for you.

Looking For A Clinical Trial

The ClinTrial Refer App allows doctors and patients to independently search for actively recruiting clinical trials, and access trial site locations and contact details in real time. 

You can choose your breast cancer type, nearest participating hospital and access a list of potentially suitable trials, opening up further treatment and care opportunities.

Download the ‘ClinTrial Refer App – Connecting and Collaborating’ and search for Breast Cancer Trials. It’s available now in the Apple App Store or Google Play for smartphone and tablet.

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How to Set A Default App

  1. Go to settings menu
  2. Go to “My Default Apps” and click “edit”
  3. Click on “Manage Default Apps”
  4. Select as many Default Apps as you like and then press ‘continue’
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How to set a Primary App (Home Screen App)

To make an App your Primary App, you must first add it in your ‘default app’ list. Once it’s in your default app list follow these steps to make it your primary:

  1. Go to my ‘Default Apps’ in setting menu.
  2. Click ‘’edit’ this will take you to “Default App settings”
  3. Tap on the App icon you wish to set as your Primary App.
  4. Select option to “set as Primary App”. (This is also where you can choose notification preferences for your app) A yellow brief case will appear next to the app you set as your primary.