Being able to access support services after a breast cancer diagnosis is an importance part of the recovery process for some patients.

Why Support Services & Groups Matter For Breast Cancer Patients

Being able to access support services after a breast cancer diagnosis is an important part of the recovery process for some patients, as having access meet and relate with others in a similar situation can aid in alleviating some feelings of anxiety and isolation.

Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) helps to connect those with breast cancer with support services in-person and online.

BCNA Chief Executive Officer Kirsten Pilatti said those who have been diagnosed seek the reassurance and warmth a support group or support person offers.

“I think support is something that everyone needs in very different ways and we know that for many people in Australia, they want to join support group.”

“Women say that they want to connect with someone else who’s made it through treatment, and who’s made it twenty years past their diagnosis.”

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While BCNA helps to connect those recently diagnosed with in-person or online support groups and services, they also provide an online tool to help those recently diagnosed.

Ms Pillatti notes this is especially helpful for those who may not feel up to a group support setting.

“The My Journey online tool helps people to navigate a really complex system” said Ms Pilatti.

“What I hope is that we can continue to build the resources that we have to help people in the way that’s right for them.”

“The way we helped and supported people ten years ago is very different to how we support people now.”

“Everyone’s breast cancer treatment options are so different, so we need to provide a really tailored support program for people and it’s tricky” said Ms Pilatti.

“But we want to be there for every Australian and we want to make sure that we really are the voice for the people who find it hard to be connected and supported in their local communities.”

You can learn more about connecting with a support group in your area, or the online My Journey tool at bcna.org.au


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Ms Kirsten Pillatti

Ms Kirsten Pillatti is the Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) Chief Executive Officer.

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