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For generations, we’ve lost too many young mothers

This Mother’s Day, please donate to breast cancer clinical trials. You can help mums like Naomi and their children too. 

Naomi and her husband Brett will never forget the heart-shattering day they had to tell their three girls that mum has breast cancer. No mother wants to face the terrifying thought of leaving their family.

But this wasn’t the first time Naomi’s family has been devastated by breast cancer across.

Naomi’s grandmother was 52 when she lost her life to breast cancer. 18 years later, it was Naomi’s aunt and mother to three young children who tragically passed away. Last year, at 40 years old, Naomi herself was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer.

“Breast cancer tore our family apart.”

In the most devastating situations, we need solutions and hope.  That’s why breast cancer research and clinical trials are so important.

As Dr Nick Zdenkowski, Chair of our Scientific Advisory Committee, explains:

“Researchers come to us with the most amazing ideas. I see these outstanding minds that can transform what we do about breast cancer.

More funding would allow us to bring these ideas into the world. To run bigger trials, and more of them.”

I’m so happy to tell you that, in August last year, Naomi was able to walk out of her final radiation treatment. But now, Naomi’s greatest concern is for her children.

Her worst nightmare would be for breast cancer to strike her beautiful daughters too.

Clinical trials research is what changes outcomes for women with breast cancer. We have four trials in our research pipeline now—but because of funding constraints, we may have to delay them.

Delays could mean that new treatments which patients desperately need will take longer to get to them. And time is not something that every person with breast cancer has.

We can be the generation to put a stop to needless deaths from breast cancer. Generations of heartbreak and loss can stop here. With you, with us.

Please donate to help fund crucial research to find life-saving treatments for breast cancer.

Naomi’s Journey

Naomi's Last Chemotherapy Treatment

Naomi’s final chemotherapy session

Donate this Mother's Day

Naomi and her three beautiful daughters.

Telling them she was sick was one of the most difficult moments Naomi faced.