Join us as we hear from some of the country’s top breast cancer experts in a virtual Q&A discussing the life-saving truth about trials.

In this Q&A, we are joined by some of the country’s top breast cancer experts who discuss the importance of breast cancer clinical trials and participation. Our esteemed line up of Breast Cancer Trials researchers will share what a clinical trials is, what it’s like to be a clinical trial participant and how treatments go from the lab to the clinic.

The panel includes Professor Christobel Saunders, Ms Leslie Gilham, and Professor Sarah-Jane Dawson, who will present and then answer associated questions from the online audience.

Topics that will be discussed during the Q&A are:

  • Q&A with Ms Leslie Gilham – Participating in a Clinical Trial
  • Professor Christobel Saunders – What is a clinical trial and the Breast MRO Study
  • Professor Sarah-Jane Dawson – Clinical Trials: The Link Between Discoveries in the Lab and New Treatments for Patients

This online session hopes to offer a useful resource for people, helping to answer their breast cancer questions.

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Ms Leslie Gilham

CAP chair and clinical trial participant Ms Leslie Gilham talks about participating in a breast cancer clinical trial.

Professor Christobel Saunders

BCT Board director and breast surgeon Professor Christobel Saunders explains what a clinical trial is and the Breast MRI Evaluation Study.

Professor Sarah-Jane Dawson

BCT researcher Professor Sarah-Jane Dawson explains the link between discoveries in the lab and new treatments for patients.